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Dear Visitors,

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As most of the French, I was raised from my childhood in the spirit of Liberty inherited from The French revolution. I grew to realise only recently that my country, France, was forged, over the millenia, by the might of monarchical power.

Not only in Versailles, but everywhere in France the roots of the royal power is still present nowadays including in the home of the modern Republic: The Palace of the French President itself. Yes The Elysee Palace, located right in the heart of Paris, was built & offered nearly 300 years ago by the Bourbon King: Louis XV to his first favorite mistress… Maybe easier to understand where our reputation comes from with this fact!

This place, built under The Bourbon Kings, as many others lovely sights in France, remains a strategic point of the french power since the Bourbon Kings to the Fifth Republic and its Presidents…

With that realization, in 2016, I founded Paris To Versailles Private Tours to share, with you, my passion for my country: La France.

Four years on, Paris To Versailles Private Tours survived COVID 19 and has become more than just a tour company, but the N°1 provider of luxury guided experiences in the Palace of Versailles, with a repertoire of thematic district tours, museum visits, luxury shopping tours and lifestyle experiences all inspired by the monarchy and France’s l’art de vivre.

With success has come growth and development, but today, with my incredible team of guides and chauffeurs, our mission remains the same: to be the showcase of French know-how.

Xavier Fontanilles
CEO Paris To Versailles Private Tours.

The Elysee Palace in Paris

The Elysee Palace in Paris

The Elysee Palace is the official residence of the President of the French Republic.

Paris To Versailles's Values.

Our main values: Quality, Trust and Conviviality.

Quality: We believe that quality service begins from the first click. Whether it be our customer service, expert accredited guides and professional chauffeurs, Paris To Versailles strives to provide you with only the best. That’s why we take your personal requirements and transform them into unforgettable experiences,

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Trust: When it comes to your experience you can trust in Paris To Versailles to provide more than just a tour. In this fast paced, mass produced age, we do not want your visit to be an one size fits all tour when “bigger-quicker-better” dictates the pace of your visit. We repay your trust in us, with an experience made just for you. By separating out the role of chauffeur and guide, each a master of their craft, dedicated to the needs of you and your family, you will be able to experience Versailles to the fullest,

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Conviviality: For Paris To Versailles a visit is more than just a tour, it is an experience. It is through the inspiration of emotion that we remember the moment. And it is the human touch, communication and connection which is at the heart of our philosophy. With humour, warmth and openness, and the ability to adapt to your style, our guide will bring France’s history to life.

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It is our dedication to these values which makes Paris To Versailles stand proud in the world of luxury tourism. I would like to take this moment to thank you for thinking about Paris To Versailles to take care about your stay in Paris.

Our team wish you, as we say in French, Bienvenue en France.

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Why Book your custom experience to Paris & Versailles with us?

  • Custom-made to suit your needs: live the Full French royal experience. Our consultants will schedule your full trip and advice you in order to immerse yourself into the French royal lifestyle: experience our luxury hotels / appartements / Chateau / shopping & heritage tours / restaurants on our thematic of the Royalty.
  • Uniquely crafted personal experiences.
  • All our professional tour guides are accredited by the French state and fluent English speakers.
  • Separate tour guide and chauffeur both totally dedicated to you.
  • Exclusive Mercedes cars and private chauffeurs, ensuring your complete comfort throughout your visit. For more information click on this link.
  • Quality over quantity: limited tours per day, making your experience our priority.
  • According to Tripadvisor, Paris to Versailles Private Tours is listed n°1 at Versailles in 2017/2018/2019 & TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2020


We know that the success of your visit to France depends on the ability to our tours guides and chauffeurs to immerge yourself into our country.

Let your experience begin Book online by yourself your guided tours or contact us to customize your stay in Paris if you want the full experience (luxury hotel + restaurant + transport + tours).


You are not convinced? Then, learn more about our skills:

Choose your transportation option to move in & around Paris

We let you the possibility to choose your most efficient way to move in & around Paris. While most of our clients choose the best quality price option (2 ways transport), our wealthier client prefer a driver at full disposal:

2 ways transport: The driver and guide are still just for you. The vehicle is used to transport you and your family from the different points (from/to hotel/Museum, etc ). However, the driver doesn’t stay at your full disposal when you are visiting the Museums. It means that you need to respect our schedule, can not be back earlier and can not leave anything in the vehicle. This option doesn’t work if you need us to provide a baby car seat or want to leave a baby seat in the vehicle. However if your baby car seat is the part of a baby stroller there is no problem: you can choose this option. Strollers are allowed in Versailles Palace. It is the best quality price option from door to door choosen by 90% of our clients.

Transport at Full disposal: The driver stays with us at disposal even during the tour when we are inside the Museum. If you change your mind and want to move the planning, it is possible. You can shorten the visit and leave anything in the vehicle. The vehicle is yours. It is the most confortable option espacilly if you want to have a car seat in the vehicle (please write a note in your booking).

For both service, we use the same drivers and vehicles. Both are designed for an optimal experience.

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paris to versailles transport

Our fleet

Paris To Versailles Private Tours offers a complete fleet of luxury vehicles: black, leather interior and renewed every 2 years.

For our guided tours, we use Mini Van Mercedes class V (3 people & more) and Sedan Mercedes class C or equivalent (2 people).

Vehicle we work with (on option): Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S 350, Mercedes S 500, For friends and family trips as well as group transport.

Customization option

On request in advance, a tailor-made approach: Each service can be personalized according to your personal requirements.

We only work with experienced chauffeurs with professional training, and a minimum of 3 years experience.

The most complete fleet: Comprising exceptional vehicles, air conditionning, mineral water, mobile charger…

What makes our tour guides unique?

All our guides are dedicated professionals, not just by circumstance but by choice, driven by a love for all things French. By gaining their Bachelor or Master degree in Arts, History of Arts, Cultural Heritage to become official Guide-Lecturers, they have chosen to dedicate themselves to being cultural ambassadors of France.

To ensure you have the very best experience all our guides have been carefully selected by the team. Combing their knowledge and winning personalities, they love bringing all aspects of France to life for you.

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  • Communication is the key of success. Our guides all speak fluent English and of course, they love to communicate.
  • Our guides are passionate about French history, but not only! If you want to learn about the French culture, you are in the good hands.
  • Our tour guides all hold the French government-issued professional guide-lecturer license, and have completed a rigorous academic study program to obtain their official qualification.
  • Our guides adapt their speech to you. Whether you already know your way around French history or you’re complete beginners, whether you are keen to learn about our culture & history, or whether you just need to have a break & relax in good company to get some beautiful pictures of the landscape, our guides know their job and will make your day.
  • Our guides are creative and flexible. They love to find out exactly what you and your family would like to see and do so they can personalize your tour as much as possible for you – and especially of course to suit the ages and interests of your children.

Most importantly, our priority is immaculate service and attention to detail so that you and your family enjoy a wonderful day to remember!


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