Our day trip to Versailles: Through The Hidden Doors

Private trip to Versailles with skip the Line & Hotel Pick-up / Drop-off

This private day trip to Versailles with your hotel transfer has been expertly crafted to offer those of you who have already visited Versailles to delve deeper into the history of Versailles and see parts of the chateau you had never seen before. .

While our Unmissables tour focuses more on the construction of the Palace, the establishment of the royal court in Versailles and the reign of the Sun King (Louis XIV), this exclusive tour explores the history from the reign of King Louis XV and XVI and the French Revolution of 1789 that led to the end of the Monarchy.

During this exclusive visit, you will have the privilege to discover the Versailles secret rooms of Louis XV & XVI, which are not accessible to the public during the classic visit.

These Versailles secret rooms not only contain some remarkable works of art but they also shed light on the more private life and individual personalities of these last two Kings. The rooms are reserved and semi-privatized for you. As part of the visit you will also be able to visit inside either the Royal Opéra or the Royal Chapel (depending on which one is open at the time) which are only open to a select few.

Through the Hidden Doors

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6/7 (except Monday)


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Skip the Line

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Private, up to 17 people

Choose a 5 star private trip to Versailles.

Driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. For maximum enjoyment and safety, we propose you to be guided by an expert, licensed tour guide and driven by a specific chauffeur.
This way, your Versailles specialist guide will be completely dedicated to you with more time on his/ her hand to share entertaining stories and anecdotes. Meanwhile your safety and comfort will be taken care of by a professional driver.

What’s included in this Paris to Versailles day trip ?

  • We escort you (round trip) from your hotel to the Palace.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.
  • Enjoy a private tour with a friendly Versailles expert really dedicated to you. (the guide does not drive)
  • Feel like a Queen: skip-the-line tickets & rooms are semi-privatized.
  • Admission to Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens included when running. (Gardens of Versailles when not running)
  • Headsets (if necessary) so you can always hear your guide.

Versailles Private trip Highlights

  • Visit the private Apartments of the Kings Louis XV & XVI.
  • Visit the Apartments of the Queen.
  • Visit the Hall of mirrors.
  • Best of the 70 hectares of the Gardens.
  • Marie Antoinette’s Estate (Petit Trianon & Queen’s Hamlet) if you choose the full day tour.

Half day private trip to Versailles palace

Once you arrive at Versailles, you will skip the queue and enter the Palace via the reserved group entrance. The Apartments of King Louis XV and XVI have limited access which means not only will you avoid the majority of the crowd but you will also learn about the undisclosed world of the French monarchs. All of our guides are fully qualified professionals who are passionate about Versailles and will be delighted to share with you all the secrets of the palace.

Note: To be able to guide in the Private Apartments, our tour guides have to be fully licensed by the government as well as undergoing specialized training from Versailles Palace itself. Only a handful of guides have this obligatory double training. You can be sure you are getting the best of the best.

It was King Louis XIV – The Sun King who first created a suite of rooms for himself and his most intimate courtiers, away from crowds allowing him a measure of a private life. Later these rooms were extended and adapted by Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI, to suit their personal interests and needs. Visiting this part of the Palace is a unique opportunity to get to know more about the real characters of the royal family and to take get a closer look into their private lives .

Among the many rooms you will visit is the Dogs’ Room which, as its name suggests, was specially created for Louis XV’s favorite dogs to sleep in. At Versailles, even dogs had a lived in the lap of luxury! You will also explore the Dispatches Room, whose walls heard many of the private discussions between Louis XV and his secret agents. Your guide will not miss out the Clock Room, with its famous astronomical clock, a masterpiece of science and art, and at last but not least, the Royal Dining Room where the young Mozart performed in front of the Royal family.

To complete your visit to the private Apartments, you will also have the chance to see either the Royal Opera or the Royal Chapel (depending on the opening hours). The Opera, though started by Louis XIV, was not finished until 1770 to celebrate the wedding of the future King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, despite its grandeur over the next 20 years less than 25 performances would actually be held there!

The Royal Chapel was designed by the Hardouin-Mansart, one of Versailles most celebrated architects. Sadly he never saw his masterpiece finished as he passed away 2 years before its completion. One of the most famous of the Chapel’s events was the wedding of the young Marie Antoinette, only 15 at the time, and the crown prince, future Louis XVI.

Your tour to Versailles cannot be complete without seeing the gardens.

With its 70 hectares, the gardens are vast and not surprisingly, it is easy to get lost among the many different alleys. Your expert tour guide will walk with you through special paths to his/ her selection of the best places to see. When the gardens were designed, the King was 26 and he had a love for art and all things beautiful. For him and for the men of his time, beauty meant the Classical Antiquity. King Louis identified himself with Apollon (nothing less!), the God of Sun in Greek and Roman Mythology. Each bosket, fountain and statue have been designed to tell the stories of this Greek mythology.

Together with your tour guide, immerse yourself in learning and in revealing the meaning behind the many wonders of the gardens! During your visit, you will also see the Orangerie and its amazing 2000 orange trees, the French gardens as well as the English garden.

Versailles private Full trip to Versailles with hotel transfer

Your private VIP tour to Versailles Palace will include everything as described above plus the following:
During your lunch, you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park and take hearty lunch in one of the restaurants (your guide will be happy to give you recommendations).
After lunch, your walk will take you to the Estate of Marie-Antoinette which forms part of the larger Trianon Estate.
Visit the Petit Trianon, a royal residence gifted to Marie Antoinette from her husband, allowing her to take refuge from the strict rules of the royal court. The famous Queen created a world of her own in this part of the estate, with the hamlet of cottages, a mill, farm animals and a dairy. Animals are still roaming the fields here, for the joy of many children!

This is a unique occasion to see, feel and appreciate the life of the most well known Queen of France.

At the end of the visit, your tour guide and his driver will take you back to Paris at the location of your choice.

Half day VIP trip to Versailles

Number of people Total Price all included
2 persons 830€ / pers
3 persons 615€ / pers
4 persons 480€ / pers
5 persons 416€ / pers
6 persons 360€ / pers
More than 6 persons On request

Full day VIP trip to Versailles

Number of people Total Price (except lunch)
2 persons 965€ / Pers
3 persons 710€ / Pers
4 persons 570€ / Pers
5 persons 460€ / Pers
6 persons 400€ / Pers
More than 6 persons On request

Customization & option

  • Electric golf cart are available in the gardens. It may be an option for people with limited mobility or for people who want to save their feet! The palace doesn’t allow to book in advance this extra except if you need more than 5 golf carts. Our guide accompanies you to the golf cart’s provider (it cost €35/hour as an extra). Mandatory presentation of a driving licence. You ll have the occasion to ask about this option when you’ll meet your guide during your trip by car from your hotel in Paris to Versailles.
  • In case you choose the Full day, a mini-train will take you to and from the Estate of Marie-Antoinette (Petit Trianon), Grand Trianon and Little Venice (7,50€ / pers). It is a good idea to avoid the walk from the castle to the Marie Antoinette Estate. We don’t charge you for this extra. You just pay the basic price to the provider if you wish to take this option. This option can be discussed directly with your guide when you meet her/him in the morning.
  • Test a boat experience on the Grand canal of the park of Versailles. It is nice and fun with Children or romantic for an engagment.
  • Experience a real 100% VIP experience: discover the gardens &/or the Palace outside opening hours. Contact us for more info.

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