Royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show

Versailles private tour with skip the Line & Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off - Royal Serenade + Fountains Night Show

For over 100 years, Versailles was the most glittering court in Europe, whose grand balls were legendary for their decadence.

Now once again for the first time since the Revolution, the corridors of Versailles resound with the music of yesteryear, and the Hall of Mirrors echoes with the step of dancing shoes as, every Saturday from June to September, Versailles resurrects the glory of Louis XIV’s Grand Soirées.

Starting in the early afternoon, let us take you on the tour of a lifetime as you relive the luster of the royal Great Entertainments with a guided visit of the chateau and the Petit Trianon.

From there once inside the palace, marvel at the celebrated musical spectacle performed in baroque costume: THE ROYAL SERENADE IN THE HALL OF MIRRORS of the chateau de Versailles. Afterwards, you will dine in the Ore restaurant of Alain Ducasse in the Chateau itself, before returning to the gardens to enjoy with your private guide the night fountain show. Your night will finish with a bang as you watch the dazzling fireworks show. In true fairytale style, you will be back at your hotel by the stroke of midnight.

Royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show

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Enjoy the royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show: Choose a 5 star tour to Versailles.

At Hidden Gems we understand that driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. Which is why during our visits, to ensure your maximum enjoyment and safety, you will be guided by an expert, licensed tour guide and driven by a specific chauffeur.
This way, your Versailles specialist guide will be completely dedicated to you, leaving them for time to regale you with entertaining stories and anecdotes, while your safety and comfort will be taken care of by a professional driver.

What’s included?

  • Pick up Hotel.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.
  • An accredited and specialist guide, dedicated to you. .
  • Enjoy a private tour of Versailles Palace, the Domain of Marie Antoinette, musical, costumed spectacle, Versailles gardens by night sound and light show with your local accredited guide totally dedicated to you. (the guide does not drive)
  • Skip the line entry to the chateau.
  • Tickets to the Palace, domain and spectacle.
  • drop off Hotel.

Tour Highlights

  • Marvel at the Hall of Mirrors, and the State Apartments brought to life with the musical show.
  • Experience the royal Serenade show inside the hall of mirrors in the Chateau of Versailles.
  • Dine inside the palace in style at Café D’Or, by renowned and Michelin Starred chef Alain Ducasse. (not included in the price, Extra – about 60€/pers)
  • Stroll through the elegant domain of Marie Antoinette
  • Night Fountain Show: Experience the beauty of the gardens by night, surrounded by modern art installations.
  • The fireworks display inspired by the famous Great Entertainments.

Our very unique & entertaining tours have limited availability. We are a small business.

*** Seriously, BOOK EARLY our Royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show visit to avoid disappointment! ***

Please keep in mind: In order to get the best guide (that’s him who makes your day…) and your ideal day/time to match your travel plans (it can be useful…), we recommend booking 3 months before your trip.

Early afternoon & night tour

With dining, dancing, gambling and singing, it goes without saying that the Kings of Versailles new the importance of a good ball. Louis XIV even claimed that they were essential for governing the country as, enchanted by the decadence, the dazzled courtiers submitted to the king without question.
Now you too can experience the wonders of these parties as, for a limited time only, Versailles revived these spectacular Great Entertainments during the Royal Serenade Show inside the hall of mirror of the Chateau de Versailles.

Royal serenade versailles
The Versailles Royal Serenade Show

To begin your visit, your private professionally accredited, specialist guide will take you on a guided tour through the King’s State Apartments. Setting the scene for the spectacular show you will see later on.

From there you will take the Little Train down to the Petit Trianon.
You will visit the Petit Trianon which became a symbol of the extravagance of its most famous owner: Marie Antoinette turned the Petit Trianon into a haven from the realities of life in Versailles. With its delicate decoration and simplicity, it is in stark contrast to the wealth of the Palace. Your superb guide will take you along the winding pathways of the English garden to the rustic splendor of the hamlet, where the queen would play at being a peasant maid.

Marie-Antoinette's estate
The Marie Antoinette estate

From there you will return to the chateau where the party will really get started. You will have the chance to wander through the chateau and fall under the spell of the Versailles musical show. Here you will have the chance to see actors dressed in period costumes. They will bring to life, through dance, poetry, song and jestor’s wit that ephemeral glamour of the « Grand Entertainment ».

Royal serenade versailles
Royal Serenade at Versailles 

As the rays of the setting sun filling the Hall of Mirrors with light, step back in time, becoming one of the courtiers invited to the celebrations. Feast your eyes on the musicians and dancers as they recreate the dances of the 17th century, accompanied by the music of Jean-Baptiste Lully, Louis XIV’s favourite composer.

Royal serenade versailles
The Versailles Royal Serenade show

Having made your way through the musical scenes, your guide will take you to dine in style at the Café D’Or. Run by the renowned Chef Alain Ducasse. The restaurant, located inside the palace, has crafted a special menu inspired by the public dinners of the French Kings.

restaurant versailles
View from the restaurant inside the palace of Versailles

Having dined you will head back to the gardens where your guide will give you a guided visit through the wonders of the Night Fountain Show. Prepare to be amazed at the groves which have been transformed into works of art of light and sound for an audio-visual spectacle. This is a modern take on the festivities which would have awed visitors to Versailles 400 years ago.

versailles night show
Versailles Night Fountains Show

Your night will end with a veritable visual feast of delights as the sky above the palace is lit with a stunning firework display, choreographed to perfection with the music of Lully. Before you are taken back to your hotel in one of our luxury vehicles.

restaurant versailles
The fireworks during the Versailles Night Fountains Show on Saturday night

The Royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show private tour (1.30pm until midnight)

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2 people 740 € / pers
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5 people 420 € / pers
6 people 380 € / pers
More than 6 people On request

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