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Whether you are a first time visitor or a returnee Our private tour to Versailles with hotel transfer “The Unmissables” is the tour for you. This is an all-inclusive, private tour of the Palace and its gardens. The package includes priority access to the palace, a luxury chauffeur-driven car with pick up / drop off hotel, and a personal licensed guide for you and your family. With this VIP-tour of the Versailles you will have the most exceptional memories to take back home.

The Unmissables

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Choose a 5 star private tour to Versailles.

At Paris to Versailles Private tours we understand that driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. Which is why during our visits, to ensure your maximum enjoyment and safety, you will be guided by an expert, licensed tour guide and driven by a specific chauffeur.
This way, your Versailles specialist guide will be completely dedicated to you, leaving them for time to regale you with entertaining stories and anecdotes, while your safety and comfort will be taken care of by a professional driver.

What’s included in this Versailles private tour?

  • We escort you (round trip) from your hotel to the Palace.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.
  • Enjoy a private tour with a friendly Versailles expert really dedicated to you. (the guide does not drive)
  • Feel like a Queen: skip-the-line tickets.
  • Admission to Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens included when running. (Gardens of Versailles when not running)

Versailles Private Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Apartments of the Sun King « Louis XIV ».
  • Visit the Apartments of the Queen.
  • Visit the Hall of mirrors.
  • Best of the 70 hectares of the Gardens.
  • Marie Antoinette’s Estate (Petit Trianon & Queen’s Hamlet) if you choose the full day tour.

Our very unique & entertaining tours have limited availability. We are a small business.

*** Seriously, BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment! ***

Please keep in mind: In order to get the best guide (that’s him who makes your day…) and your ideal day/time to match your travel plans (it can be useful…), we recommend booking 3 months before your trip.

Unmissable Half day Versailles private tour with hotel transfer

This VIP visit to Versailles is an all encompassing exclusive tour. You will meet your expert guide and your driver in the hotel reception for a day packed with discoveries, culture and fun. On the way to Versailles you will have the chance for you and your guide to get to know each other so that she/he can tailor your visit to your interests for a truly personal experience of Versailles.

Once you arrive at the Palace, you will skip the queues and enter via the side entrance reserved for specialized companies.

transport by mini van versailles

You will begin your visit by the beautiful Royal Palatine Chapel. This will be the occasion to learn more about the close relationship between the Royal Family & the Catholic church, and gain a better understanding of the Royal Absolute Power: the belief that the King was elected by God, to dispense God’s justice over the people.

Versailles tour

From there your private guide will bring history to life as you admire the State Apartments of the King.

Following in the footsteps of the Queen, the King and theirs courtiers who daily frequented Versailles, you will pass through the lavish salons as your own guide recounts the history of the parties held here by the kings to entertain the court.

Your guide will tell you everything from the gaming tables to theatre, comedies, operas, concerts, as well as private performances during evening soirees when courtiers would amaze the court with their dancing skills (King Louis was a true connoisseur) at balls and masquerades..

Versailles King's appartements visit


guide Versailles

Learn more about the rooms you will visit during this tour with your tour guide.

hall of mirrors versailles

During your visit your expert guide will enlighten you as to the intricacies of The Etiquette: the rules which controlled every aspect of the life of the Royal Family & the whole court from sunrise to sunset.

From subtle symbols to emblematic images your guide will recreate the wonders of court life as you make your way through Louis XV’s Council Chamber, Louis XIV’s Bedchamber, the Bull’s Eye Antechamber before arriving in the stately elegance of the Queen’s Apartments.

Versailles Queen's appartements visit


guide Versailles

Learn more about the rooms you will visit during this tour with your tour guide.

View from the top of the Orangerie at Versailles Palace

Next step and next wonders to appreciate: the lovely gardens of the Chateau de Versailles:

With its 70 hectares, the pleasure gardens are vast, it is easy to get lost in the multitude of paths and groves. You can look at our article about the map of Versailles gardens to better understand the size of the domain. That’s pretty amazing.

Your expert guide will take you on an adventure through the verdant alleys, so you won’t miss the hidden treasures of this remarkable garden.

When the gardens were designed, the young Louis XIV had a love of art and beauty. For him beauty meant the Classical Antiquity. King Louis XIV even created his public persona based on Apollon, the God of the sun in classical Mythology. Each grove, fountain and statue was designed using Roman mythology to impress the King’s will over the nobility. Prepared to be amazed as your guide unravels for you the complex meanings behind garden’s most beautiful statues.

During your visit, you will also see the Orangerie and its amazing 2000 orange trees, the French gardens as well as the English garden.

Being the tour company in Paris specializing in the French Monarchy, at Paris to Versailles Private Tours, all our tour guides are carefully selected & regularly work for us in the Palace of Versailles. They love their craft and are always delighted to share their passion for Versailles & the Royal Family with you, including all of Versailles best kept secrets.

Unmissable Full day Versailles private tour with hotel transfer

If you choose our Versailles full day tour, then your visit to Versailles will include everything as described above plus the following:

During your lunch, you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park and take hearty lunch in one of the restaurants (your guide will be happy to give you recommendations). After lunch, your guide will take you to the Estate of Marie-Antoinette which forms part of the larger Trianon Estate.

Visit the Petit Trianon, a royal residence gifted to Marie Antoinette by her husband, allowing her to take refuge from the strict rules of the royal court. The Queen famously created a little fantasy village in this part of the estate, with the hamlet of cottages, a mill, a lighthouse and even a farm complete with its own dairy where you can still see many animals today.

This is a unique occasion to see, feel and appreciate the life of the most renown Queen of France.

At the end of the visit, your tour guide and his driver will take you back to Paris at the location of your choice.

Stay safe and relax with your family in our confortable Mercedes after a long day at Versailles.

Price list – private half day tour

Number of people Total Price all included
2 people 325 € / pers
3 people 240 € / pers
4 people 220 € / pers
5 people 190 € / pers
6 people 180 € / pers
More than 6 people On request

Price list – private full day tour

Number of people Total Price (except lunch)
2 people 420 € / pers
3 people 320 € / pers
4 people 300 € / pers
5 people 250 € / pers
6 people 225 € / pers
More than 6 people On request

Customization & option - Versailles private tour -

  • Electric golf carts are available in the gardens. It may be an option to save your feet or for people with mobility problems. The palace doesn’t allow to reserve golf carts in advance unless we need more than five carts. Usually, our guide accompany our clients to the golf cart provider (it cost €35/hour as an extra). Mandatory presentation of a driving licence. You can ask your guide about this option during the drive from your hotel from Paris to Versailles.
  • Should you choose the Full day, the is the option of taking the “Little Train” to and from the Estate of Marie-Antoinette (Petit Trianon), Grand Trianon and Little Venice (7,50€ / pers). We do recommend making use of the train as it will save you time and give you a short rest. You can discuss with your guide and buy tickets on site.
  • Why not take a rowboat out on the Grand canal? It can be a fun experience with Children or romantic moment with that special person.
  • Experience a real 100% VIP experience: discover the gardens &/or the Palace outside opening hours. Contact us for more info.

Rooms to see - Unmissables Versailles private tour -

Let’s look at the main rooms we propose to visit during our private tour:

  • The Hercules drawing room where the mains suppers, balls & receptions were held.
  • The Salon of Abundance was used to get some refreshments when the parties were too intense…
  • The Venus room where buffet tables were arranged to display food and drink for the king’s guests,
  • The Diana room: here in the billiard room, Louis & his men liked to play while ladies sat surrounding them,
  • The Mars room , also known as the Guard Room was the place for Louis’ Swiss bodyguards,
  • The Mercury room may have served as Louis’ official (not actual) bedroom: bedtime, wake-up… were all public rituals,
  • Apollo Salon was the grand throne room which was used as a reception and concert room. Here everything reminds that Louis was not just any ruler but the Sun King.

The Queen’s Apartments were renovated a few month months ago. We propose you to visit (according to the opening of the Chateau):

  • The Queen’s Bedchamber was the birthplace of the Royal children in front of the court.
  • The Salon of the Nobles was the place to talk about politics, litterature, fashion or philosophy,
  • The Queen’s Antechamber also called the Grand Couvert. The royal family dined publicly in this room while servants & nobles fluttered around them.
  • The Queen’s guard room is sadly well known to be the room where Marie Antoinette had been caught, on 6 October 1789, at dawn, by a mob of revolutionaries and then taken to Paris.
  • The Salon des Nobles was the second antechamber of the Apartments of the Queen.
  • The coronation room served originally as the château’s third chapel but it was changed in 1682 in a guards’ room for both the King and Queen.

You will then continue your visit of the Palace by discovering the War room (when open) and the famous Hall of Mirrors which used to host balls and celebrations organised by the King for nobility. The Hall of Mirrors is a magnificent room, characterised by unique dimensions, great brightness and 357 mirrors.

Your guide’s speech and the richness of this room will enable you to imagine balls and celebrations that used to happen to welcome French royalty. (photo below)

hall of mirrors versailles

The hall of mirrors at Versailles

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