Marie-Antoinette at the Conciergerie + St Chapelle on option

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In the heart of Paris, visit The Conciergerie: the remain of a medieval Royal palace which became one of the main prison during the French Revolution, with the installation of the Revolutionary Court. This mythical palace abandoned by The Kings of France at the end of the XIVth century is still haunted by the ghost of a Queen once accused of all the monarchy’s sins.
On option, visit the Sainte Chapelle with its unique Gothic style.

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Marie Antoinette at the Conciergerie

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Conciergerie Tour: what is included

  • Enjoy a private tour with a friendly devoted expert.
  • Feel like a Queen: skip-the-line tickets.
  • Admission to the conciergerie.
  • Headsets (if necessary) so you can always hear your guide.
  • Possibility of an escorted Round trip drive from your place of stay to versailles palace (on option).

Place to see during this tour of the Conciergerie

  • The Guards Room.
  • The Hall of the soldiers built under King Philip the Fair.
  • The kitchens built under King John the Good.
  • The commemorative chapel erected on the site of the Marie Antoinette’s cell.
  • On option, the Saint Chapelle dazzled by the 1,113 stained glass windows.

Before Versailles, before Vincennes and even before the medieval fortress that stood in place of the Cour Carrée of the Palace of the Louvre, there was one royal residence in the very heart of Paris :
The Palais de la Cité, which remarquable remain, the Conciergerie has crossed the centuries. The Conciergerie can be considered as the most ancient trace of kings in Paris, an heritage from Louis IX (Saint Louis) and Philip IV (the Iron King), but it’s also the testimony of the tragic fate of the last queen of France.

This ancient medieval palace building was turned into prison at the end of the XIV century. But it’s during the French Revolution, that this place became the most terrible prison of France. A filthy prison indeed, where thousand of political prisoners were packed, summarily trialed and condemned to death before being transported to the guillotine. It’s no wonder then, why the Conciergerie was known as the antechamber of death.

In this prison, queen Marie Antoinette was thrown and spent the last nine weeks of her life as prisoner 208 of the Revolutionary tribunal.
After 76 days, on October 14th 1793, Marie-Antoinette was put on trial for treason and other charges. The next day she was sentenced to death. On October 16th, she left the Conciergerie to meet her final fate at the place de la Concorde.

Today, in a splendid Gothic palace, the Conciergerie Museum recalls the glory of the greatest kings of the Middle Ages together with this most tragic episode of the end of the french monarchy.

Customization & option

  • The Saint Chapelle: A gem of Gothic style. From the courtyard of the Conciergerie, you will reach that absolute masterpiece of Gothic architecture, built for Saint Louis to house precious Christian relics, including Christ’s crown of thorns the king had bought in Venice in 1239. Having these sacred relics in his possession made the already powerful monarch head of western Christianity.
    In the upper church of the chapel, walls have almost disappeared, the architecture is lightened as much as possible in order to leave room to the huge 15 period stained glass windows recounting scenes from the Bible. An impressive feat indeed which, from the inside, gives this place the stunning appearance of a splendid reliquary, a huge and most precious jewel-case bathed in golden and iridescent light.
  • Walk up to the Revolution square (place de la Concorde) where Queen Marie Antoinette lived her last breath.
  • Walk up to the Square Louis XVI, located in the heart of Paris. This lovely square, just a step from our office, where the French have lunch during Spring & Summer, also houses to the expiatory chapel, built in 1815 on Louis XVIII’s orders on the site of on old mass grave of victims of the French Revolution. In 1793, Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, and other figures, were buried there. This neoclassical building is dedicated to the memory of the royal family. Together with the Basilique de Saint-Denis, the Expiatory chapel is one of the memorial sites paying tribute to the French monarchy.
  • Experience a 100% real VIP experience: discover the Conciergerie outside opening hours.
  • Your guide can escort you (round trip) from your hotel to the Palace by public transport.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.

Price list (click on the tour you wish to get the price)

Number of people Total Price all included (meeting point: The conciergerie)
2 people 260 € / pers
3 people 195 € / pers
4 people 155 € / pers
5 people 130 € / pers
6 people 115 € / pers
More than 6 people On request
Option on request: Premium transport from your hotel
Option on request: Transport by bus or tube with your guide

** Basically we do not take the responsibility to carry your luggage during the day. If you need to tidy your luggage we can arrange it with an extra but we need to know it before booking.
** Visitors with disabilities can not access everywhere in the Conciergerie. Please contact us before booking and we will customize your tour.

Helpful Hints

We suggest you wear some sneakers and comfortable clothes. On Winter, we advise you to wear some warm clothes for a best experience. The best day to visit the conciergerie is during the week.

Safety ‘s Note

Next to the reinforcement of the security to enter in the Palace, the control may take longer than usual. Our skip the line tickets enable us to avoid the long queue. However you may have to wait a bit for the checking , especially during the high season.

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