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The grand masked ball 2021 at Versailles Palace

The grand masked ball 2020 is postpone to June 2021. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday June 19, 2021! The Versailles masquerade Ball. Unforgettable. Unimaginable. Unmissable. If you needed one more reason to come to Paris, look no further. Get ready for the French Versailles festival 2021. Be it with a partner, friends, family or employees, make this extraordinary event, a moment to remember.
Now in its 10th year, for one night only L’Orangerie du Château de Versailles spectacularly recreates with its elegance, whimsicality and pure drama, the greatest parties of Louis XIV with this majestic masquerade ball.

Become a courtier or feel like Queen Marie Antoinette at the French masquerade ball, as you join revelary for a once in a lifetime opportunity to party like royalty during an evening of decadence choreographed by King of Dance himself Hakim Ghorab!

There are only 10 EXTRAVAGANT VIP tickets left for this event! This event was fully booked 6 months in advance last year.

Versailles Masked ball

With our effortless booking system
2 400€/pers

The Grand Masquerade Ball at Château de Versailles 

Paris to Versailles Private Tours is proposing to make this experience sublime with an exclusive private package which will truly make you will like a King or Queen for the night. In true Versailles style, all participants are required to wear full baroque costume of the highest quality. And masks are obligatory. So why not let us take care of all that and with our Versailles Ball Service, transport you back to a time of honor, passion and decadence.

With this visit we aim at recreating, in exquisite detail, the royal experience of Marie-Antoinette, in preparation for those great festivities. As the afternoon draws to a close, our team of beauty specialists who, just like those who served the queen, will be dedicated to making you the Belle of the ball. From your costume, hair and make-up, be amazed as we transform you from your 21th Century selves into 18th Century courtiers who might have rubbed shoulders with Louis XV himself.

Once you are all dressed and ready to go, you will be taken to Versailles from your hotel in one of our luxurious vehicles. your guide (also in costume) will lead you into the gardens for a stroll through the bosquet, regaling you with the history of Versailles and the grand parties. Prepare to be amazed by the light show and artistic installations which have made the Musical Garden show so famous. As the night draws in you will be lead to the Great Perspective to revel in the fabulous firework’s display.

As the final sparks fade into the night, that’s when the real party begins. With your VIP ticket in hand, head to the VIP enclosure, and take your seat at the exclusive and much sought-after table we have reserved especially for you. There you will have access to unlimited refreshment and champagne, bringing to life the parties of Versailles, legendary for their decadence. From your prime location in the VIP zone, marvel at the dramatic entertainments every half an hour, showcasing the spectacular choreography from some of the world’s most renowned choreographers, invited just for one night to Versailles. Dance the night away to the modern flair of a top-notch DJ, whose beats will keep you partying from dusk till dawn. with When you have finished with the night, your guide will take you back to your hotel.

Our VIP EXTRAVAGANT package for the French Mascarade ball includes:

direct access versailles PREPARATION & COSTUMES
Once you book, we will discuss together in order to prepare your experience. After filling out our questionnaire, we will propose you several options of costumes to fit your preferences. You will need to be in Paris one day before the Grand Masked Ball for your costume fitting, as our couturiere will need to see you that morning to have time to make the final retouches and ensure your costume fits perfectly to your body.
direct access versailles MAKE-UP and HAIRDRESSER ARTIST
Feel like a Queen. Like Marie Antoinette did, spend your afternoon to prepare yourself with our make-up/hairdresser specialised in the 17th/18th century. You will be ready around 7pm. Depending on your choice of style and accessory preferences, we will propose you to wear a baroque wig or to style your hair as they did in the 18th century. Of course in accordance with your costume.
We reserve a table (in front of the show) as part of the VIP EXTRAVAGANT package which includes unlimited glasses of champagne and gourmet buffet.
guide versailles SPECIALIZED GUIDES from 8pm to 11pm
All our guides are professional accredited, english speaking guides, passionate about & specializing in the castle of Versailles. During the festivities, your guide will be with you regaling you with stories of the renowned Great Balls of the 17th-18th century.
It is pretty impressive to leave for the Masked ball. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel in your chamber and she/he will stay with you until 11am inside Versailles. Once the party really starts, our expert guide leaves except if you choose an option to keep him.
We pick you up at your hotel to ride to Versailles with one of our luxury Mini Van Mercedes. Of course champagne is on board to relax and decrease the pressure! We agree in advance on a schedule to pick you after the party. Usually around 4am, but it can be later on request.
direct access versailles DIRECT ACCESS to the party ball without queueing.
Save time! Skip the line with priority access to the Light Show and the ball in the Orangerie.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All the costumes ball are sourced from professionals and require a deposit 1000€ minimum per costume.

Masquerade ball party extra: (on request)

A professional photographer and or video-photographer to accompany you, providing you with a wonderful keepsake of memories of this magical moment.
guide versailles SPECIALIZED GUIDES from 11am to 4am
On option, our partner in crime can stay longer with you.
champagne versailles COKTAILS & DINNERS
Before the grand ball, we can organise a cocktail party or dinner cooked by a professional Chef, with musicians as well as waiters dressed king’s livery in a historical parisian apartment in one of the somputious private houses of the 18th century with a breathtaking view in central Paris. This can accommodate a large group of 10 people or more.

Princes Package: (online booking on this page)

  • We organise your costumes in advance: Given the popularity, costumes are often hired out months in advance. We want to make sure you are dressed to the nines, and will source costumes of the highest quality from all over the Ile de France. Costumes include:Dresses, frock coats, hats, wigs and masks.
  • Our professional Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist will be on hand to make sure you look the part with their professional knowledge of historical fashions.
  • At your hotel, you will be welcomed by your professional guide, also dressed in period baroque costume, who will give you a descriptive visit of Versailles from the famous overhanging terrace as you take in the breathtaking view of the gardens.
  • During your trip to Versailles with our luxury Mercedes, you will have a glass (or more!) of Champagne
  • Your guide will then take you on a stroll through the pleasure gardens. Following in the footsteps of those 18th century revellers, you will learn about the intricacies of court life, the scandals, intreagues, daliences and extravagance of the great parties.Your guide will secure the best spot from which you will enjoy the Fountains Night Show and the fireworks.
  • VIP EXTRAVAGANT entry into Versailles Masked Ball 2020 unlimited refreshments, buffet and exclusive reserved table.

King’s Package (on request)

  • All that is included in the Princes Package +
  • Personal photographer to capture this fabulous night.
  • VIP refreshments at your hotel inspired by the cuisine of the 18th Century.
  • A glass of champagne by the mirror fontaine during the light show.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All the costumes are sourced from professionals and require a deposit 1000€ minimum per costume.

A night at Versailles

Parties held over the centuries to Versailles are exceptional moments in the history of the palace and the history of art.

The Sun King Louis XIV born at St Germain en laye in the French countryside and raised in Paris at le Louvre (his castle which is now the famous Museum) finally decided to move the court and the nobles from Paris to Versailles making the City of Versailles the heart of the French power for one century.

It was not an easy deal to move the court. The King understood that he needed to attract the nobles by offering them activities to distract them… Hunts, rides, theatrical performances, concerts, ballets, dances, games of skill were among the main attractions of living in Versailles.

King Louis XIV was the first King to codify this exercise and make an organized scheme to make it an instrument of his glory. Its objective is twofold: to ensure a docile court and to build an image that survives him.

Nowadays, the Versailles Palace propose you to live a night at Versailles.

There will be dancers, performers and artists taking part in the newly staged ball. The Grand Masked Ball is the occasion of an exceptional evening in period costume at Château de Versailles.

Be ready! Get dressed with your most beautiful costume, mask, makeup & wigs and enjoy a night to feel how it was during the time of the king.




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