Private Marie Antoinette’s Estate Tour

The Palace of Versailles was home to one of the most fascinating figures in history, Queen Marie Antoinette. The many different sides to her personality left not only the society of her time dazzled but future historians too. Famous for her beauty, extravagant fashion and lavish entertainments, was she really the heartless queen that her nation thought of?  Her story is now commemorated in several films and books, proving that her personality and life are just as captivating as before.

Our Private Marie Antoinette’s Estate Tour will allow you to take the puzzle apart and better understand the life of the most well known Queen of France.

Marie Antoinette Estate Tour

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Driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. For maximum enjoyment and safety, we offer you a tour with an expert, licensed tour guide and a separate chauffeur.
By this way, your Versailles specialist guide will be completely dedicated to you with more time on his/ her hands to share entertaining stories and anecdotes. Meanwhile your safety and comfort will be taken care of by a professional driver.

What is included in this tour

  • We escort you (round trip) from your hotel to the Palace.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.
  • Enjoy a private tour with a friendly Versailles expert really dedicated to you. (the guide does not drive)
  • Feel like a Queen: skip-the-line tickets.
  • Admission to the Trianon and Estate of Marie Antoinette.
  • Headsets (if necessary) so you can always hear your guide.

Place to see during this tour

  • The Petit Trianon (Queen’s Palace).
  • The Queen’s Hamlet.
  • The Theatre of the Queen.
  • The Temple of Love.

Description of The Marie Antoinette’s Estate Tour

During our private visits, you will have the pleasure in being looked after, from the beginning to the end of the tour.

Sit back in our premium vehicle, let the chauffeur drive you to the Palace and enjoy the special treatment and attention from your guide.

On arrival at the Palace, our driver will tale a side entry, and you will discover the Queen’s Palace called in French “Petit Trianon”. A gift from her husband, King Louis XVI, genttly offered to allow her privacy. This lovely place quickly became her haven of leisure and self-expression. Explore the refined and elegant style of the décor with your own expert guide.

Marie-Antoinette's estate

Listen to the stories and get to know Marie Antoinette, the Queen of Fashion. With her personal dressmaker and friend, Rose Bertin, the Queen invented a style of her own, expressing her vivid personality with dresses, accessories and extravagant haircuts. Thanks to her influence, fashion rose to the forefront of society.

Your guide will show you the garden of the Petit Trianon which includes, if it is open, the visit to the Queen’s Theatre. This small theatre, perfectly preserved from the time, is one of the most beautiful historical theatres that you will ever see. This part of the visit will open up the door on a perhaps less known side of the Queen: Marie Antoinette, the Actress. She was passionate about shows and unlike any other queens of France, Marie Antoinette used to perform on stage.

kirsten dunst Versailles

Have a stroll in the English Gardens, and absorb the vaster, wilder and more natural landscape than the well-refined French formal gardens. The Queen requested only two constructions here: the Temple of Love- a jewel of garden decoration and the Belvedere- a luminous building with many windows, used by the Queen as a lounge during the summer months.

Marie-Antoinette's estate

You will surely be astonished to find a village in the middle of a royal estate! Marie-Antoinette let her imagination soar high when she created her hamlet, a model village inspired by the natural and simple environment where she grew up.

Marie-Antoinette's estate

Animals are still roaming the fields here, for the joy of many children! The Farm includes different annexes: a Barn, a Dovecote, a Mill and a Preparation Dairy. Other houses were built and were purely reserved for the use of the Queen and her guests.

Marie-Antoinette's estate

The hamlet includes different annexes: a Barn, a Dovecote, a Mill and a Preparation Dairy. Other houses were built and were purely reserved for the use of the Queen and her guests, including the Queen’s House, the Billiard Room and the Boudoir.

At the end of the visit, your tour guide and his driver will take you back to Paris at the location of your choice.

An optional request (please contact us before booking if you are interested) is to visit the “Cour des Senteurs” or the Court of Scents. A refurbished quartier in the royal city of Versailles, bringing together the rarest fragrances, history of perfume and savoir-faire. Explore why the royal court was named as the Court of Fragrances after Marie Antoinette’s arrival. Discover why and how perfume was developed and became popular here in the 18th century. The softness of the favourite flowers of Marie Antoinette and the amazing smell of different perfumes will take you into a charming and unforgettable world.

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