Giverny & Versailles private tour

Full day Private Giverny Versailles tour with skip the Line & Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off

Our full day Private tour of Giverny & Versailles Palace is designed for you if you wish to discover two famous sights close to Paris, but located in the French countryside:

GIVERNY, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France was the home of Claude Monet, father of Impressionism. He created a series of marvellous gardens with many colors, flowers and oriental design which became the subject of his most well-known works: The Waterlilies and the Japanese Bridge.

VERSAILLES PALACE designed by the King Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both the gardens and his royal residence became the gemstones of interaction between extravagance, luxury and the finest art of the time. Explore this magical place with your dedicated tour guide and imagine the life of the French royals of the 18th century. This Giverny and Versailles tour is fully private with hotel pick up. You will benefit a private chauffeur and an experience tour guide.

Givenry gardens

Opening Days
6/7 (except Monday)


Your hotel or apartment


9Hrs (full day)


Skip the Line

Executive car

Type of tour
Private, up to 17 people

Choose a 5 star tour to Giverny & Versailles.

Driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. For maximum enjoyment and safety, we propose you to be guided by an expert, licensed tour guide and driven by a specific chauffeur. Our Versailles Giverny tour is fully private.
This way, your Versailles specialist guide will be completely dedicated to you with more time on his/ her hand to share entertaining stories and anecdotes. Meanwhile your safety and comfort will be taken care of by a professional driver.

Versailles & Giverny Tour

With our effortless booking system
From 350€/pers for 6

What is included

  • We escort you (round trip) from your hotel to Giverny then to Versailles and back.
  • Relax in our executive car with Chauffeur.
  • Enjoy a private tour: the painter is missing but your guide is there to let you immerse in Monet’s life… And the King Louis XIV too.
  • Feel like a Queen: skip-the-line tickets.
  • Admission to Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens included when running. (Gardens of Versailles when not running)

What to discover in Giverny?

  • At Giverny: Monet’s House & Gardens.
  • Walk around the village of Giverny and the Baudy Auberge. (option depending on the schedule)
  • Discover a old medieval church. (option depending on the schedule)
  • Visit Monet’s grave.(option depending on the schedule)

What to discover in Versailles?

  • Visit the Apartments of the Sun King « Louis XIV ».
  • Visit the Apartments of the Queen. (except when it is closed for refurbishment)
  • Visit the Hall of mirrors.
  • Best of the 70 hectares of the Gardens.

On the footsteps of Claude Monet

We will pick you up at your hotel for your very special journey to the marvelous Giverny village.
By the time Monet moved to Giverny, he was a well-established artist and well-known as the father of Impressionism, but this was not always the case. His new artistic style focusing on depicting the changes of light was not common at the time. But what a better way of fulfilling one’s passion, than creating a live studio in the French countryside! In the quiet Normandy village of Giverny, Monet found a place where his love for gardening and outdoor painting could be fully expressed: he designed two different gardens both aesthetically expressive with plenty of life, colors and shapes: the Clos Normandie and the water gardens with Japanese influence. We will go for a wander here to fully appreciate Monet’s live subjects: let’s soak up the harmony of light and immerse in his bouquet of different shades of colors of flowers & plants.

After visiting the gardens, we will step inside Monet’s home. Let’s get immerse by the colors he choose to decorate his house: you will be amazed by the manifestation of his painting palette.

Walk around with your guide bringing alive each rooms and their stories so you can step inside the daily life of Monet and his family. Admire the bright yellow dining room with its yellow furniture (very modern at the time!) and his unique collection of Japanese art. Soak up the atmosphere in the bright blue kitchen with its contrasting copper red utensils and imagine the culinary concoctions made here for Monet and his family.

The village itself is well worth a walk to discover the Auberge Baudry where artists from France but also from the United States came to pay a visit to Monet. On request and if time allows, you’ll also discover the little medieval church and Monet’s grave.

A visit to Giverny is a perfect day trip out of Paris to meet Monet and take a glimpse at rural France.

Tour the Palace of Versailles

After lunch, we will visit the magnificent Palace of Versailles built by and for the King of France in the late 17th century. For a half day, we will visit all the main highlight proposed in the castle and its gardens. To get a full overview of what is proposed in our half day tour, please refer to : The Unmissable half day tour.

End of the tour to Giverny & Versailles

To finish the tour to Giverny & Versailles, your guide & her/his driver will take you back to your hotel.

Giverny Versailles tour – Price list

Number of people Total Price all included
2 people 835 € / pers
3 people 600 € / pers
4 people 470 € / pers
5 people 395 € / pers
6 people 350 € / pers
More than 6 people On request

Customization & option during your Giverny Versailles tour

  • Electric golf cart are available in the gardens. It may be an option for people with limited mobility or for people who want to save their feet! The palace doesn’t allow to book in advance this extra except if you need more than 5 golf carts. Our guide accompanies you to the golf cart’s provider (it cost €35/hour as an extra). Mandatory presentation of a driving licence. You ll have the occasion to ask about this option when you’ll meet your guide during your trip by car from your hotel in Paris to Versailles.
  • Experience a real 100% VIP experience: discover the gardens &/or the Palace outside opening hours. Contact us for more info & to customize your Giverny Versailles tour.

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