Palace of Versailles Map

Presentation of the map of Versailles

This page presents you the map of the Chateau of Versailles and its estate (check out the map below) and give you a step by step fully comprehensive overview which will allow you to make the most out of your visit to Versailles gardens.

It will highlight key attractions and allow you to orientate them as well as giving the distance & time in between the attractions in order to plan your time in Versailles.

We offer you this step by step guide that enables you to make your own itinerary in Versailles depending on your interest and time available at your disposal.

Enjoy Versailles

On this map of versailles, we propose you to have an overview of the Palace of Versailles and its gardens to understand better the Domain of Versailles.

Before the French revolution in 1789, The Royal Palace of Versailles and its Estate comprised around 8000 hectares. As you can imagine, that was a remarkable domain and nowadays it still remains an amazing sight: one of the wonders of France. Today, the Palace of Versailles and its domain still make up 830 hectares (nothing less!) & 8 miles of paths allow to survey this vast site.

What to see on this map of Versailles ?

This ancient Royal Domain is now the property of the French government and includes :

  • The main palace with about 2000 rooms, (yellow ticks on the Versailles map below)
  • 2 royal residences: the Petit Trianon & The grand Trianon,
  • 70 hectares of gardens and bosquets including 16 groves and 75 fountains !(red ticks on the Versailles map below)
  • 431 hectares for the large park
  • 24 hectares for the Grand Canal
  • 96 hectares for the Marie Antoinette’s Estate (blue ticks on the Versailles map below).
  • As well as hundreds of statues and secret follies, greenhouses, and much much more.


The palace of Versailles, its parks and gardens are really THE place to visit when you come to Paris for the first time. Statues, busts and vases make these gardens a real open-air museum.

However, for your information, Versailles is also a lovely old town with an estimated 85,000 residents living in the glittering shadow of the palace and its gardens / Parks. Without a doubt a visit to Versailles will be one of the highlights of your trip to Paris. We propose you to check out the Versailles Map below and follow our advice to plan your own Versailles visit according to your own interest and time available, to make sure you get the most out of your day in Versailles.

Map of Versailles gardens and palace

map Versailles

Get a bigger version on this link:—jardins/plan-jardin-chateau-de-versailles

Map of Versailles: explication

The Map is laid out in 3 Key Sections:

1/ In the lower half of the map you can see the Chateau, Parking lots and the Royal Stables with yellow squares showing points of interest. Please note that the RER C is visible on this map.

2/ The central section with the red squares is showing the French Formal Gardens.

3/ At the top centre of the map you can see the Grand Canal and the Estate.

In the top right hand side of the map you will see the Trianon Estate including the Domain of Marie Antoinette and the Queen’s Hamlet, this area is marked out with blue squares.

Map of Versailles: Arriving in Versailles

Most visitors who come on their own will take the train from Paris to get to Versailles with the RER C. This will bring you to the station called Versailles Rive Gauche or Versailles Chantier.

Coming out of the station, cross the road in front of you and turn right. You will walk to the end of the street then take the left. The Chateau of Versailles will then be right in front of you. Before you get to the Chateau itself there is the Great Court yard on either side of you, where today there is the car park for general visitors and the coach park for groups.

In the middle of this Great Court (yellow tick n°1 on the Versailles map above) you will see a statue of Louis XIV on horseback this will let you know you have arrived.

If you are walking from the Station to the Chateau it is about 2km / 1 mile and should take you around 10-15 minutes.

Map of Versailles from the train station

Map of Versailles: visiting the Chateau

Before the Chateau of Versailles, there is a gate. There will be a security check. Please note that this is a bag check; though not very thorough. Still in the summer when there are a lot of visitors you might have to wait for 5-10 minutes. The gateway is called the Honor Gate, and leads to the Honor Courtyard (yellow tick n°2 on the Versailles map above).

Chateau versailles: main entry

Once you arrive here will have several options.

If you have not yet bought your tickets you will need to head to the building on the left of the courtyard: The Minister’s Wing (yellow tick n°8 on the Versailles map above). This is where the ticket office is situated.

Tickets to Versailles:17€ adults

Free  Under 18 years (Worldwide)

Free Under 26 years (EU students)

The visiting time in the Chateau is estimated 1-2h

If you already bought yours tickets online before coming, then you won’t need to get to the ticket office. in this case you can reach the main entry and make the queue at the main entry. You can’t miss the main entry of the chateau of Versailles: you just need to follow the queue.

Once you entered in the chateau you can’t miss the pathway. You just need to follow the path.

Paris to Versailles Private tour’s Must Sees:

The Princesses’ Apartments located on the ground floor, entry via the marble courtyard (yellow tick n°4 on the Versailles map above) Home to the daughters of Louis XIV, these rooms are a little secret paradise away from the main stage of Versailles life. Delicately decorated and elegantly appointed this will transport you back instantly to the secluded lives of these royal ladies.

Map of Versailles: access to the gardens

The exit of the Chateau is on the left hand side, this is perfect for accessing the gardens. On the map you will see a red line, you can follow this to lead you through the gardens. Once inside I recommend  turning left and walking through the Parterre (tick n°26 on the Versailles map above) so as not to miss the view out over the Orangerie (tick n°27 on the Versailles map above) where the Kings’ of France used to keep their collection of Orange trees. Take a rest on the Balcony for a bird’s eye view like Lorenzo and his guests on the photo below.

Returning to the red guide line. This will take you alone the Great Perspective which begins at (tick n°23 on the Versailles map above) From the Access to the Gardens to the beginning of the Great Perspective is around 200m/0.2 miles. With a brief visit to the Orangerie, it will take 3 minutes to get your first view of the Great Perspective.

The beginning of the Grand Perspective is marked by a staircase flanked by 2 fountains. Standing here will give you a good view of the whole garden, but you might think it doesn’t look that big, however don’t let your eyes be deceived! The master gardener Andre Le Notre, who dedicated 50 years of his life creating this estate had a few tricks up his ruffled sleeves. From where you are standing at (tick n°23 on the Versailles map above) to the end of the French Gardens at the Fountain of Apollo (yellow tick n°9 on the Versailles map above) is actually 500m/ 0.3 miles and will take you around 10 minutes to walk. On this walk you will go alongside the Green Carpet (tick n°16 on the Versailles map above) Which at 330m/ 1082 yards long, is actually longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall.

Tickets to the gardens on a fountain day: 9.50€ adults & Free  Under 5 years (Worldwide)

Map of Versailles: access to the grooves

On either side of the Grand Perspective are the groves of the French Formal Garden. These were created, for the most part, by the master gardener André le Notre, over 50 years. The groves can be seen as rooms in an outdoor house, the mirror image of the Chateau in some senses. The philosophy of the garden is balance and symmetry to create a vision of Heaven on Earth

Please note- The Groves are only open during selected days- Tuesday/Saturday/Sunday April-October.

If you want to visit the gardens please allow at least 2h without a lunch break or 2-4h with a lunch break.

The groves make up around 300 hectares, though some groves are more interesting than others. For example we recommend visiting

Groves on the Left hand side of the Garden starting from nearest to the Chateau and descending down the garden.

The Ballroom (tick n°30 on the Versailles map above)
The Mirror Bassin (tick n°35 on the Versailles map above)
The Colonnade Grove (tick n°33 on the Versailles map above)

Groves on the Right hand side of the Garden, starting from the end of the garden and moving up towards the Chateau.

The Enceladus Grove (tick n°10 on the Versailles map above)
The Grove of Apollo’s Bath (tick n°21 on the Versailles map above)
The Three Fountains grove (tick n°24 on the Versailles map above)
Dragon Fountain and Basin of Neptune (tick n°26 on the Versailles map above)
The Triumphal Fontain (tick n°29 on the Versailles map above)

Each of these groves has interesting architectural, sculptural or artistic features and should not be missed during a visit of the gardens.

Map of Versailles: Visiting the Trianon Estate

If you follow the red line on the map you will come to the Trianon Estate this is made of 3 points of interest

The Grand Trianon(43)
The Petit Trianon (45)
The Queen’s Hamlet and English Garden (55)

The walk from the Chateau to the Trianons is 2.2km/ 1.6 miles and will take around 30 minutes. There are other means of transportation (see below)

If you want to see all three of these attractions you should set at least 3-4h without a lunch break or 4-5h with a lunch break.

A pass to visit the Estate :10€ adults

Free  Under 18 years (Worldwide)

Free Under 26 years (EU students)

Map of Versailles: Visiting the Grand Trianon

The Grand Trianon (43) is Louis XIV’s summer residence, where he could enjoy time away from the court. This building is beautifully decorated in the 19th Century Empirical style. Home to Napoleon’s mother and then his second wife at the beginning of the 1800s, it is truly gorgeous, though far from what it would have been in the time of the Kings.

As well as the building there is a small formal garden behind, which is worth a visit if you are going to focus on the Trianons. There is a beautiful  piece of Baroque sculpture in the Apollo Water feature (45) from the Grand Trianon to the water feature is 200m/ 0.12 miles and will take around 3 minutes to get to.

Leaving the Grand Trianon, take a left and head down the cobbled walk way to arrive at the Petit Trianon.

Map of Versailles: Visiting the Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon (44) is an 18th century residence built by Louis XV as a gift to his mistresses. However it would be given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI in 1781. With its simplicity and delicate decoration it became a place of refuge for the Queen from the stresses of court. Once you enter into the Petit Trianon, you can feel its timeless quality.

Visiting the building itself will take around 15 minutes, however once you leave the building of the Petit Trianon you can walk through the English garden, following a network of little pathways. Along the way one of the most interesting features is the Temple of love (51) which really takes you back to the time of courtesans and galants.

Map of Versailles: Visiting The Queen’s Hamlet and English Garden

Though it is only 600 meters/ 0.4 miles to the Queen’s Hamlet (56), it will take you around 15minutes to walk there.

Built for the Queen Marie Antoinette in the 1780s, the hamlet is a perfect copy of a rural village where the queen could pretend to be a member of the peasant class. The buildings are quaint and so darling. The hamlet is very photogenic, especially the Queen’s Residence (55)  at the heart of the hamlet. Wandering around the hamlet should take around 20 minutes. Especially if you want to head to the top right of the map where you will see the Queen’s Farm (61), which is still home to rabbits, chickens, cows, donkeys and other farmyard creatures.

The walk back from the farm yard to the Trianon is around 700m/ 0.4miles and will take you about 10 minutes.

There is only one way to leave the Petit Trianon. This will take you to the courtyard outside of the Petit Trianon. Here as you can see on your map is the meeting point for the little train.


General Information 

Visiting the Palace and Gardens of Versailles is really a full day excursion, if you want to see all that this attraction has to offer. However it is important to go at your own pace, especially if you have children, elderly or handicapped visitors in your group. And sometimes, you just don’t have enough time in your schedule to take an entire day in Versailles, therefore here is our best advice for seeing that Palace and grounds, so as to get the most out of your time in Paris. 

So make sure to be realistic in what you want to see. Here are some possible (though not exhaustive) combinations, based on our years of experience that work well.  

Visit combination Estimated time

Visit combination  Estimated time 
Palace + gardens

Palace + Trianons

Palace + Bike Tour in the grounds. 

6-8 hours 
Gardens+ Trianons

Gardens + Bike tour in the grounds.

4-6 hours
Trianons + Bike in the grounds.  2-6 hours
Palace on its own 1-2 hours
Gardens on their own  2-4 hours
Trianons on their own  2-3 hours
Grounds of their own  2-8 hours unlimited fun for visitors

Estimated time for the main walks

The walk from the Station – Chateau 2km/ 1 mils 15 min walking

The walk from Chateau -the end of the gardens 550m/0.34 miles  7-8mins

The walk from the Formal Gardens – the Trianon Estate 1km/0.6 miles  12mins.

The walk from the Petit Trianon – the Queen’s Hamlet  800m/ 0.54 miles 10mins

The walk around the entire Grand Canal 5km/ 3.1 miles 1h-1.15h

What’s a French Garden ?
The King of France « Louis XIV » also called « The Sun King » asked the gardener « André Le Nôtre » in 1661 to create the gardens of Versailles. The work lasted 40 years. André Le Nôtre will create a « French » Garden, in which nature is controlled to form a regular and symmetrical whole. At the center of this garden is an avenue of grass: it is the axis of perspective, which leads our eyes to the infinite and the horizon. Last year, we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Birth of this Magical Gardener who worked to build several parks and gardens including the park of The Royal Castle of Saint Germain en Laye where the Sun King was born as well as the Garden of the castle of Chantilly.

TOP TIP: If you have some spare time we absolutely recommend you book a night in a hotel in the town of Versailles allowing you to get a feel for the town and really experience where the Sun King set up the power of France 400 years ago.

If you are interested, check our hotel recommendations

We can also organize your full stay in Versailles.

If you need to know how to get to versailles, check out this page:

If you want to learn more about the history of Versailles, check out this page:

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