Paris Versailles by train / RER


Paris Versailles by train / RER. This page explains how to go to Versailles from your hotel.

Step 1 : how public transport work in Paris. What is the link between Paris to Versailles ?

There are 14 Metro lines and 5 RER train lines. Metros lines are identified on maps by number and colour. RER lines are identified by letters. Below is the listing of the Lines.

The Metro line serve Paris itself. The RER line is a train transport system serving Paris and its suburbs. As the Chateau de Versailles is in the suburb, about 12 miles away from the center of Paris, to get to Chateau Versailles, you’ll need to get the RER. The RER Line C train will take you to the Palace of Versailles : it is the yellow line which stretch from East to West of Paris and goes along the Seine River.

RER Line C – Paris Versailles by train – click on the map to zoom in

Depending of the location of your hotel,  Paris Versailles by train will take you from 40 minutes to 1h30.

Step 2: check on google Map the nearest metro station from your hotel.

Enter on google Map the address of your hotel and check where is the closest metro station around your hotel. You need to find the closest sign  from your hotel in Paris. You fund it ? Great! Go back on google Map, put your mouse on your nearest metro station, then the name of your nearest metro station will appears. Take note of the station name.

If the name of your nearest metro station is one of those indicated on the map of the RER C line (look at the map above), then you are lucky: no need to take the Metro. In this case, pass directly to step number 4.

Step 3 : find the metro line you need to get to RER C train

you need to find which metro line will get you to the RER train C from the metro station which is the nearest from your hotel. Sometimes the line of your nearest metro will take you directly to the RER C train and others you’ll need to change of Metro line to take 2 or even 3 different lines !

Look at this Metro RER Map and find the location of the metro station near your hotel you just checked on google MAP. Then find the RER C : it is the yellow line along the Seine. Now, figure out the metro lines you need to get to reach the nearest RER C station. Remember :  Metro Lines are identified by number. Direction of travel is indicated by the destination terminus. You have 2 destinations terminus for each line : one on each side of the line. The destination terminus will give you the side of the line that you must follow.

Step 4 : You arrived at the RER C train and now need to go to Versailles Castle.

As you can see, to sum up, the RER C train is mainly divided into 3 parts : one the East of Paris (station : Champ de mars, Pont de l’Alma, Invalides, Musee d’Orsay, St-Michel, Paris Austerlitz, Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand), one on the West of Paris (station: Porte de clichy, Pereire Levallois, Neuilly Porte Maillot, Avenue Foch, Avenue Henri Martin, Boulainvilliers) and direction Versailles (Javel, Pont du Garigliano …)

Depending whether you take the RER C train on on East or the West, your way will be different:

Case A : if you take the RER C train in the East of Paris or at Javel or at Pont du Garigliano:

Take the RER C Direction Versailles rive gauche and stop to Versailles Rive gauche Chateau de Versailles.

Case B : if you take the RER C train in the West of Paris :

Pay attention : The RER C line forks and has several different end terminals, so you’ll have to change at the station Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel.

From your RER C station, take « RER C » train direction PONT DE RUNGIS-Aeroport d’orly » to Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel. Then change of train and take « RER C » train direction Versailles rive gauche and stop to Versailles Rive gauche Chateau de Versailles.

Step 5 : Once arrived at Versailles Station, go by walk to the Versailles Chateau.

Once you arrive at the terminus of the RER C, Then The Château de Versailles will take about five minutes to walk to. Pick an exit and follow the signs to get to the Chateau de Versailles. You can check this google map itinerary from the station Versailles Rive Gauche to Chateau Versailles to see the short walk from the station to the Chateau.

Enjoy your visit.

CDG Versailles


Paris Roissy Charles Degaulle airport ( CDG ) to Versailles by the public transport

It will takes you around 1 hour and a half from Paris CDG to Versailles and its Palace.

From the airport terminal 1 or terminal 2, the quickest way is to go directly to the center of Paris by train using the RER B and then to change for an other train using RER C to get to Chateau de Versailles.

Step 1: CDG to Paris by train

When you’ll be at the CDG airport, look for the sign and take the train direction « Massy Palaiseau »  and stop in the heart of Paris at the RER / Metro station called Saint Michel / Notre Dame.

Step 2: Paris to versailles by train

Then look after the sign RER C and take the direction » Versailles Rive Gauche chateau de Versailles ». This station is the terminus of this line train. Just double check that you take the correct direction.

A single ticket CDG Versailles will cost you around 12€. Double price for a return fare.