Paris To Versailles : guide you to visit Versailles

Paris to Versailles was first created as a travel guide to Versailles to offer visitors the best info to visit the castle by their own. Thanks to our love of the City and our knowledge of the Versailles Castle we now offer a service of guided tours specialized in premium and private visit of the Castle of Versailles.

Our aim is to be the Ambassadors of Versailles & its secrets. With us, you’ll visit Versailles on a different perspective. 4 Tours are designed (The Unmissables, Through the Hidden Doors Tour, Marie Antoinette Tour, Versailles Gardens Tour) to let you fully appreciated Versailles. During these Tours, you will be able to learn more about the French King and Queen and their history. You will see the Palace of Versailles including the Hall of Mirrors, the private State Apartments, the Trianon Palace, Queen Marie Antoinette’s Estate and of course the main highlights of the 800 hectares of Gardens.

Not only ! You won’t miss any of Versailles secrets and we promise that your visit to Versailles will be unique, authentic and memorable.



We know that it is quite a fuss to visit the Palace, and the private Appartments, so we have designed exclusive packages as well as customized tours to best suit your expectations in a comfy way.
Whether you are staying in nearby hotels in Versailles city or in Paris, our nice and dedicated english-spoken professional guide will pick you up at your place of stay by car. She will accompany you the whole day to unveil Versailles’Palace master piece, history, architecture, the French kings and queens of France trend of life and much more more facts to you.